Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The dumbc**titude of Maria S. Nunes.

In deference to my more civilized co-bloggers, I will refrain from describing Blogging Tory Maria "Dodo Can Spell" Nunes as one of the most hideous, vile, useless c**ts on the planet. But she is. I give you Exhibit A:

Canadian Liberals and NDP bloggers do not care about Nigerians hacked to death

You don't believe me? Go check their aggregates: Liblogs Progressive bloggers breadnroses

As at 12:15 PM, March 9, I could find nothing but blogs about Afghan detainees, Kadr and as usual brainless ones about Palin. The difference between the Conservative bloggers and all these others should be is as clear as a summer's day. Conservatives care about all human beings. The others care only about winning elections and NOTHING else, absolutely nothing else. How can these people live with themselves?

Out of curiosity, shortly after that was posted, your humble scribe (that would be me) hied myself hence to Stephen Taylor's "Blogging Tories" to catalogue the Nigerian-flavoured outrage, whereupon I found ... two bloggers who had written on the topic. Two. Maria, of course, and one Craig Smith. No others. None. Nada. Squat. Zippo.

One would think that Maria would have the sense God gave a urinal deodorizer disc to shut the fuck up and not embarrass herself thusly, but she has never had an abundance of sense. In any event, against all better judgment, some commenters show up to explain Maria's stupidity:

Ted Betts said...

Um, I looked and saw only one single post on the Blogging Tories aggregator about the massacre.

Does that mean, aside from Craig Smith, that Conservative bloggers don't care about Nigerians hacked to death? Does that mean that conservatives don't care about all human beings? Does that mean that conservatives only care about winning elections and NOTHING else, absolutely nothing else.

How can these conservatives live with themselves? I am sure you are asking that because otherwise you would be a complete hypocrite.

Mr. Betts is exactly correct, and his observation squares precisely with mine. Curiously, Maria tries to bullshit her way out of it:

Ted Betts - oh really?! Only Craig Smith? Maybe you need to keep an appointment with your optometrist .... time to change that prescription on those glasses.

Look again buster and do a proper search of all the pages.

I have done exactly that. I have scanned the pages at the Blogging Tories over the last three days, and have uncovered precisely three posts on the topic -- two by that vapid airhead Maria, and one by Craig Smith. There are no others. See for yourself. Start on that main page and scan for the keyword "Nigeria." Move on to older pages. Keep track of the hits. Tell me I'm wrong. So Maria is, unsurprisingly, full of shit. But you won't believe what she does next. Seriously, you will not believe this:

And one more bit of info for you two morons, Lenny and Ted Betts:

When we the Conservative bloggers see that one or more of our fellow bloggers have spoken on a certain topic, we turn to other things to write about instead of clogging the BT board with the same story.

Was that easy to understand or should I spell it out further for you numbskulls ?


Long pause.

Very, very long pause to appreciate the mind-crushing dumbc**titude of what Maria S. Nunes has just done.

Having savaged Canada's progressives for not jumping on her little hobby horse of a topic, Maria suggests that of course other Blogging Tories won't write about this. Why would they? They wouldn't want to step on each other's turf, ya know.

I am seriously still trying to come to terms with someone that awesomely retarded. If you come upon me with my head on the desk, weeping quietly, you'll know why.

: It's amusing to watch Maria completely contradict herself in the space of 20 minutes. At 4:46 PM, she challenges Mr. Betts to do a more methodical search of the BT aggregator, obviously implying that he wasn't very thorough and will find more evidence if only he puts his mind to it.

Curiously, shortly thereafter at 5:05 PM, Maria changes direction entirely and explains why any further search would naturally be futile since BTs work very hard at avoiding redundancy.

Does Stephen Taylor deliberately look for the stupidest people in Canada for his Blogging Tories, or is he just on a massive run of bad luck?

... Yes, yes, it's cruel to pick on Maria since she's easily one of the stupidest and most malignant human beings in history, but given how eye-rollingly hypocritical she's being in that particular post, it will be interesting to see if a single member of her BT circle jerk points out her awkward double standard.

No, seriously, will even one of her adoring groupies have the decency to comment along the lines of, "Uh, Maria ... you're really being a bit inconsistent there."

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


CK said...

I think it's a combination of both: Stephen Taylor will always find the dumbest of the dumb.

I mean, have you caught Socon or Bust's latest masterpiece about taxing childless couples and massive tax breaks for those who have lots n lots a kiddies, and of course, a 500% (yes, count it!!) on birth control.

Fern Hill of Dammit Janet and I have both expressed how dumb that was yesterday at our respective places.

Stephen Taylor and Romper Roomies, I'm starting to think are bad luck

Another point of hypocrisy with dear dear Maria S would be her assertion that Conservatives care about all humans: I wasn't aware they cared about the working class and Muslims

bocanut said...

** is a start.

Where's Waldo? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Where's Waldo? said...


Thanks for the update. I had tried to make some constructive comments on Maria's blog to start a debate and get her and her sychophants to recognize that there positions were untenable. Unfortunately, teh only respinses I received were ignorant, insulting, arrogant, and foolish posts from Maria, Iceman, Sparky, and others. Since I found not signs of intelligent life, I have not visited her blog for a long time. Your analysis has shown me that I have not missed anything and won't be missing anything in the future.

Where's Waldo

NB - Previous post deleted and replaced to correct a typo.

Shiner said...

Funny, guess that Golden Rule of not stepping on eachother's "scoops" doesn't apply to the really important issues like, say, Jack Layton sitting at a bar during the Olympics, hm?

Sparky said...

WW--that'd be the other Sparky--a.k.a. Twatrick
Just clearing things up...

Dr.Dawg said...

Nicely played, Shiner.

Dr.Dawg said...

I would see this as an almost Platonic example of intellectual dishonesty--except for that pesky "intellectual" part.

Where's Waldo? said...

It was obviously a sleepy morning for me. I corrected one posting to eliminate a typo and missed two others .... I obviously needed more caffeine this morning.

Sparky - you are indeed correct that I was refering to Patrick Ross. My apologies. :) He was the target of my displeasure for his less than useful posts on Maria's blog. He took extreme offense to being tagged as Sparky. Have you caused him any grief in the past? :P

Where's Waldo

KEvron said...


you're.... you're bowdlerizing?!


Metro said...

Personally I long ago came to the conclusion that Doodoo can Spill composes by reaching into a vast jar of magnetic poetry words and flinging great handfulls of them at the fridge.

At least, during the one hour per day they let her out of the straitjacket. That girl is one poor thinking-impaired person.