Monday, March 15, 2010

Apparently, it's never their fault -- part deux.

Obvious tragedy aside, it's amusing to watch the usual "We're all about the law and order" suspects spinning furiously to defend a deranged racist who shot up a car dealership. Here's Free Dominion's "RedDog", starting things off by sympathizing with some poor sumbitch who clearly couldn't handle the unbearable strain of ... whatever:

It's a very tragic situation involving a good person who seemed to have "snapped".

Not to be outdone, "styky" weeps buckets of crocodile tears without actually managing to pin the blame on anyone:

This story is tragic that ended with a totally unnecessary loss of life. My prayers go out to the families who may never know why this happened.

Yeah, tragedies happen, whatcha gonna do? Subsequent commenter "First Lady" is similarly grief-stricken, without actually managing to blame anyone:

I too knew Dave. I first met him in 1999 at Jeep Jamboree in Rocky Mountain House. At the end of the weekend he asked me to come back the following year as a trail guide. Which I did; becoming the first female one in Alberts. This is how I got my online moniker.

Over the next several years our family participated in several Jamborees, including Apex, BC. I too have done the Ruby Falls run with Dave and the Eco Four Wheeling Society.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this horrid event.

After which "RedDog" obviously feels that we might be getting dangerously close to, you know, assigning the responsibility where it belongs, so it's time to nip this baby in the bud:

It pretty much illustrates my point that it's a pretty close knit community and most people know each other. It's a pretty somber weekend and we've had to close our posting forum to any discussion of the incident.

Good thinking, RedDog ... you allow free speech in a forum and who the fuck knows what someone might say. But, curiously, it ain't over, and that's when FD dominatrix Connie Fournier drops by to defend her buddy Dave:

So, it sounds like most people who actually knew him thought the shooter was a pretty normal guy. However, someone decided he was a "racist", and he was suspended from his job and his reputation was ruined.

Then they wonder why the guy snapped and started shooting people!

Well, all I can say is that I'm surprised that more victims of the "racist" witch hunt haven't done similar things.

Punishing people for their political beliefs is a lose-lose proposition. It does nothing to eliminate hate (it increases it), and, every once in awhile, the wrong guy is put in the position where he feels he has nothing left to lose.

I would like to think that people might learn something from this tragedy, but I don't really see it happening.

Good thinking, Connie, because if there's one thing racist, swastika-tattooed, gun-wielding white supremacists have in common, it's that they're terribly, terribly sensitive and apt to get their feelings hurt and then, Whoa Nelly!! And then the truly batshit crazy kicks in as "Hailey" drops by with the tidbit that Connie's BFF Dave actually has an ugly history:

Alleged Edmonton gunman had former conviction in Winnipeg

Dale [Inglis] was only 18-years-old when he was stabbed to death after a fight outside a Winnipeg social in 1974.

The 18-year-old who pleaded guilty to manslaughter served less than two years in prison for Dale's death.

"They used whatever they could to lower his charges, rather than really look at what would cause someone to literally get a knife and stab somebody," says Arla. She explains that the fight reportedly broke out over a spilled beer and a ripped shirt.

The man who served time for the crime was David Burns. After his release, he reportedly started a new life in Edmonton. Meanwhile, Dale's parents and five siblings continued to reel from his tragic death in Winnipeg.

Reportedly, Burns went on to get married, start a family and work as a mechanic.

Decades later, it seems history would repeat itself.

And if you have the brains God gave a sack of soup, you can guess where this is going. Here's "Fabulous Fred," being curiously vague:

That is a good find Hailey, that is very important information.

Really? In what way? Ah, there we go:

Another case of where the injustice ( no capital punishment for a capital crime ) decades ago comes back to bite society again.

And there you have it, where the namby-pamby, bleeding heart, liberal criminal justice system is clearly to blame for not having dealt with Mr. Burns years ago. Fucking liberals. To sum up then, it's the fault of, um, mean people and liberals. Certainly not the racist neo-Nazi with the gun. But let's give Connie F. the last word (again):

So, it sounds like most people who actually knew him thought the shooter was a pretty normal guy.

You know, I'm actually willing to believe that since, given the social circles Connie moves in, I can accept that a swastika-sporting neo-Nazi white supremacist with anger management issues who once served time for manslaughter really doesn't stand out in that crowd.

I'd always suspected as much, but it's nice to have Connie confirm it.

THIS COULD TAKE A WHILE, as Canada's wankers:

work desperately to come up with an angle. If whoever died was black, I'm guessing Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative"s angle will be "unending hilarity." But that's just a guess.

. Really, this whole incident is the gift that keeps on giving us an ugly peephole into the Canadian right-wing mind. Let's recap (all emphasis added):

Co-workers say the alleged gunman in a fatal shooting at an Edmonton car dealership on Friday was recently suspended for making racial comments...

Sources have identified the shooter as Dave Burns, 55, an employee who was recently suspended for making racial comments...

Co-workers say he didn't get along well with visible minorities, and some went as far as to describe him as a white supremacist.

They also tell CBC News that Burns had a swastika tattooed on his body and had a very hot temper.

So, in conclusion, we have credible reports that Mr. Burns was a racist, white supremacist with a swastika tattoo, an anger management problem, and who was recently suspended for overt racist behaviour. And how does Connie Fournier describe this cornucopia of creepy and disturbing symptoms? Oh, right:

So, it sounds like most people who actually knew him thought the shooter was a pretty normal guy. However, someone decided he was a "racist", and he was suspended from his job and his reputation was ruined.

Um, yeah ... out of the blue, for no apparent reason, someone "decided" that. Where do these people get such wacky ideas?

OH, MY: Always the skeptics, these folks:

Read the whole thread. Seriously, there just isn't enough tin foil to do it justice.

OH, DEAR, CONNIE ISN'T GOING TO LIKE THIS: How did Connie Fournier rationalize this away? Oh, right:

So, it sounds like most people who actually knew him thought the shooter was a pretty normal guy. However, someone decided he was a "racist", and he was suspended from his job and his reputation was ruined.

And what was that suspension thing all about? Ah, here we go:

Staff say Burns was to return to work Friday after being suspended for two weeks from the service department for racial comments.

Colleagues say he was suspended for posting photos on the staff bulletin board that were sexually explicit and meant to embarrass a non-white co-worker.

I'm sure it still wasn't his fault, though. I blame the Liberals. Or maybe David Suzuki. Whichever choice is stupider.


sooey said...

There was a hilariously irrelevant comment on the CBC website (that I realize now wasn't irrelevant at all, although still hilarious) by someone who felt it necessary to point out that White People aren't really white, anyway.

I think this case should be called: "When White People Kill" due to all the extenuating circumstances.

The Seer said...

But can you find it in your hearts to feel the pain of those who have their management issues with visible alter boys? The cloister is a tight knit community. Those who know the guys who have their issues with visible alter boys are always surprised when these guys snap. It's the devil; not the priests.

Ti-Guy said...

I despise these people.

thwap said...

Priceless. Yeah, Connie's probably thinking she knows lots of guys with swastika tattoos and quick tempers who never, you know, actually kill anybody. So she thinks "What????"

And then if one of them snaps and kills people, she's all "It was out of the blue!"

And the lack of self-awareness in the Stormfront screenshot!

Yes asshole, if you're a white supremacist, you're a racist by definition. What stupid, useless fucks.


The Seer said...

Dear thwarp:

you misread the stormfront screenshot if you saw "lack of self-awareness." there is a surfeit of self-awareness at sotrmfront. those guys are not pretend nazi's. they're the real thing.

KEvron said...

"the lack of self-awareness in the Stormfront screenshot"

it's not a lack of self-awareness so much as it's a stultifying preponderance of passive aggressive personality disorder.

"those guys are not pretend nazi's."

but they are pretend not-nazis. that's how they add insult to the injury; by overtly revealing their misanthropic tendancies yet never directly admitting them.