Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ah, the joy of duplicitous editing.

To recap, here's Blogging Tory Jonathon Narvey, bitching and moaning about how the Canadian justice system doesn't flog someone to his satisfaction.

Here's your humble scribe, dragging Jonathon outside, yanking down his panties, and giving him a good, sound spanking, all the while realizing that it would be an utter waste of time trying to actually engage Jonathon on the topic since, well, he's a Blogging Tory and 'nuff said.

Amusingly, here's a commenter who goes by the name of "Bull Caller" who, against all odds, thinks that maybe Jonathon is capable of actual thought, and therefore points out the error in his logic:

Jonathon. Ouch!

Maybe you should stick to topics you know such as how Ezra Levant is so dreamy, or maybe how much you support propping up a corrupt and increasingly theocratic government that is sucking taxpayer dollars faster than your other conservative canard, the gun registry.

Ug. Take up baking or something.

To which Jonathon intellectually snaps back:

A comment from a Canadian Cynic sock puppet? I’m touched.

If that rebuttal mystifies you, you're in good company, since regular readers of CC HQ have probably never run across "Bull Caller." I know that handle is unfamiliar to me, so it's hard to see how someone who simply calls Jonathon out on his douchebaggery is suddenly a "Canadian Cynic sock puppet."

Of course, it would help to know that Bull Caller's original comment contained a hyperlink back to my original post, and by quietly removing that link, Narvey has dishonestly misrepresented BC's comment, although at the cost of making his own comeback look supremely fucking off-point and retarded.

Good job, Jonathon. At all costs, it's critically important to not allow anyone to link back to me so they can learn what sort of dumbass you are. Even if it makes you look like a total twatwaffle, I guess that was a small price to pay.

Oh, and Jon? Just because someone appreciates my logic, keen critical eye and rapier-like wit does not mean they're one of my sock puppets. It does mean they have impeccable taste and clearly recognize genius when they see it but, technically, that's not the same thing.


Sir Gallahad said...

My commendations to "Bull caller"
to who ever he/she may be.

Takes a lot of courage to wade into that swamp, and try and bring some sense.

I get deleted all the time, when I call them on their bullshit.

They are the most fucking useless, stupid and ignorant people on this planet.

Ti-Guy said...

I get deleted all the time, when I call them on their bullshit.

Same here. I pretty much can't post on any Blogging Tory site anymore, no matter how G-rated the language is.

Although I'll use a different pseudonym for the occasional drive-by, persistent sock-puppeting is just too unethical for me.

I'm glad to see someone else venturing into the fray (for all the good it'll do).

But really, in light of the Conservatives' commitment to free speech, doesn't this consistent, widespread censorship strike any of them as intolerably hypocritical?

PeBo said...

I only have one thing to say...

You have sock puppets? Where do I get one? How much? I think it would be great to have a Canadian Cynic sock puppet! I'd wear it to meetings where I could mouth off to assholes without fear of reprisal, hell, Stock Day could use one to make himself look less like an idiot ("I'm sorry, you're quoting the sock, not me").

In fact, I see no reason why an effective sock puppet couldn't easily replace any MP on either side of the House, including Herr Harper himself!

So please, now that I know you have sock puppets, please point me in the correct direction to buy one!!

I can see it now; "Prime Minister McGregor"...hell that would be trading up even if the heel and toe had holes!

Ti-Guy said...

I think Gnarly Narvey might be confusing sock-puppet with surrogate (or flying monkeys).

That last one might be a fair accusation, although links from CC rarely result in a deluge of commenters flooding a blog and repeating the same stupid comment over and over again. As is typical of a KKKates-a-lanche, for example, who did that kind of thing on purpose until she realised that sending out her minions to harass bloggers was only advertising the quality of her readership more widely, which eventually (and naturally) became embarrassing, even for her.

Sir Gallahad said...

I confess it's me.

I am all the sock puppets.

I spend all my days and nights, with my sock puppets, harassing the BTs

Trying to keep all my multitude of personalities straight is one hell of a job.

I had to confess.

It really has been weighing on my conscience for quite a while.

I guess that explains the mystery.