Friday, September 04, 2009

"Raphael Alexander": Dishonest to the very end.

And what inspired this, Adrian? Oh:

I had wanted to be forthright and honest for a long time, but I was fearful of being seen as deceitful. Plus I was embarrassed from some of my socialist rants that are still archived by the unhelpful google.

And the rumour of impending legal action that would have blown your cover, anyway, Adrian. That, too. But let's make it all about you and your nobility, shall we?


We're not done here.

P.S. Lest anyone forget, the major accusation of dishonesty against Ruffles was not that he blogged under a pseudonym, but that he denied that it was a pseudonym for the longest time until called on it. Now he wants to drape himself in the cloak of nobility for doing the right thing when it was probably going to happen with or without his help.

Just another uselessly, dishonest hack of a Blogging Tory. Ah, but I repeat myself.


Ti-Guy said...

Oh, that guy.

Southern Quebec said...

Soooo...what name will he "write" under at the National Toast?

Jon Pertwee said...

Um how did Ruffles get a 3 year drivers license? I thought it was 2 year licenses for newbs to the province and then 4 year licenses after that.

craig said...

He'll always be Ruffles to me.

Lindsay Stewart said...

He was fearful of being seen as deceitful while he was being deceitful. Well that clears everything up then.

This Is Me Posting said...

Hunter says:
Well, hello Adrian! It’s not a nice feeling to be stalked, even in a cyber way. People evaluate you on what you write, not what your name is, but it’s nice to meet the real you.

Unless your name is CC and your stalker is Dickless Evans. Then it's totally cool.

Sandra(sor) says:
I am a firm believer that it is not necessary to know all the personal history of every blogger so it is nice to see what you look like but it would not have mattered if I never knew you. Cheers.

Unless your name is Kate and you'd [you]'d post the combination to the lock on his front door if [you] had it. Then that's totally okay.

Dr.Dawg said...

I don't know how I didn't put two and two together. I was a progblog moderator when the Adrian matter came up. Same anti-immigrant rhetoric, same passive-aggressiveness,my God, it was obvious in hindsight.

I wonder who "Peter" will turn out to be? I owe that man a favour, and it will be paid.

This Is Me Posting said...


It's totally okay for the Right to type/post the words "douchebag," "cunt" and "douchebagcunt," but NOT okay for the Left to do the same.

That's amazing.

Ti-Guy said...

I was a progblog moderator when the Adrian matter came up. Same anti-immigrant rhetoric, same passive-aggressiveness,my God, it was obvious in hindsight.

Well, he's been consistent, at least.

The problem with Ruffles is that he's lazy. If you want to find out whether you're a social democrat or a libertarian, a xenophobe or a cosmopolitan, a prude or a libertine, etc. etc. you have to find out what those things mean.

lenny said...

It occurred to me that they were one and the same, but I assumed Adrian wasn't lying when he said he'd moved back to Ontario (or I at least hoped he had), when in reality he'd just moved over to North Van to be with the white folks.

Dr.Dawg said...


*slaps head*

KEvron said...

"he would argue one side of an argument and I would argue the other. Over time I realized that the principles I thought I had always held to be true to my heart, socialism, economic egalitarianism, were no longer so."

gosh, that doesn't, in the least, sound like it migh have been orchestrated. it's not like "ralphie's" ever lied before....


Bismark said...

Perhaps I’m the only one who finds it somewhat amusing that “Raphael Alexander” chose to be somewhat deceitful about his identity after purportedly receiving a death threat from a “Neo-Nazi” crackpot who actually AGREED with his xenophobic and quite possibly racist viewpoints.

KEvron said...

and, suddenly, he's safe from said dreaded neo-nazi? his whole back story stinks.

"ralphie" wasn't his sockpuppet, "adrian" was.


Ti-Guy said...

I'm pretty sure Joseph Lavoie, an erstwhile spokesperson for Brian Mulroney, wouldn't have associated with an outright fraud now, would he?

craig said...

Wow, the comments thread that lenny links to is a veritable mine of gems of bigotude, including this little doozy:

"Yeah and this is Canada. Deal with it.

Oh I am. I advocate a cessation of Chinese immigration."

No wonder Ruffles started hiding behind a pseudonym. Imagine if word got out that one of the National Post's contributors was advocating openly racist immigration policies...

KEvron said...

"No wonder Ruffles started hiding behind a pseudonym."

no, no! it were the neo-nazis!

"ralpie's" entire post is replete with pandering, for sympathy and for praise. fucker sickens me.


thebanana said...

Good Grief. I'm clearly a little late to this party, but after reading some of the posts on the link Lenny provided, I can only conclude that Ruffles is an even bigger ass clown than I originally thought. Or he is the uinfortunate victim of some sort of undiagnosed brain damage. The elevator ain't going to the top floor, if you know what i mean.

Lindsay Stewart said...

gosh. can't imagine why i'd have characterized that fella as a bigot.

Frank Frink said...

A bigot and a fifth-generation Canadian!!!11!!!1!!11!!!

Quick, somebody puh-leeze give Adrian a cookie for being 'a fifth-generation Canadian'.

He really needs to give that one a long rest.

JonPertwee - I strongly suspect Ruffles isn't exactly a BC newb.

Peter said...


"such as the fact that both my mother and my wife are immigrants to Canada"

Interesting. And possibly accurate. The "fifth-generation Canadian" might not be though.

Still checking things. It appears there may (and I emphasize may) be a few more online personae attached to this critter. It's also very possible that the use of "scare quotes" on the name "Adrian" may be in order. This may take a few days (but not too many days).

"I owe that man a favour, and it will be paid."
Nah. My pleasure.