Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When the monsters turn on their creators.

Blogging Tory Damian Penny, in a break with BT tradition, makes an attempt at reason and logic:

Obama's school speech

If you think the President is trying to brainwash the youth of America into becoming his foot soldiers in a socialist revolution or something, well, I guess there isn't anything I can say that would change your mind. But I don't see anything in the speech I wouldn't want my son to hear. (Not that he'd understand any of it, being two months old, but you know what I mean.)

Unsurprisingly, Damian's commenters are having none of this wishy-washy, fact-based reality:

There's also nothing in the speech Obama doesn't want YOU to hear, Damian... Like the views of those with whom he has surrounded himself.

I don't know who TOTUS had subcontracted to write this for him, but the writer knew to steer clear of anything that smacked of Wright or Ayers or Jones or Sustein. Whatever. As long as POTUS is distracted from his agenda.


I think, and believe me I'm no expert in this, but from what I've read, the worry is that Obama wants to create a loyalty to him, rather than the office he holds, bypassing Congress, much as he has done with the Czars.

The comment that keeps ringing in my ears is the one where this fellow describes several Czars by saying that "they would never pass investigation to get into FBI School."


What he says in the "lecture" is beside the point. In the same way the “tasty candy” that the stranger gives your kid is beside the point.

Their is something very creepy about forcing little kids to sit and watch this or any politician. He has no business talking to your kid unless the parents gave him permission, which of course he didn’t ask, did he.

It's even creepier to think a politician would want to do this. Do you think the future lectures that he gives will be as benign as this one? How long before he starts telling the “Obama Youth” that they can rat out their parents by emailing the particulars to whiteouthouse@guv.nut ...


"But I don't see anything in the speech I wouldn't want my son to hear." That is because he was forced to change the contents in his speech due to public pressure.

In unrelated news, the utter lack of dismembered bodies of kittens and Afghani war orphans whose life force was sucked from them by Prime Minster Stephen Harper before he ripped out their still-beating hearts through their chests only proves how well he can hide the remains.

That evil, evil man.

AMUSINGLY, the very people who went full-metal shrieky over a 20-minute speech in which Obama exhorted students to work hard and stay in school have no problem with a little public school propaganda of their own.

Normally, I wouldn't think I'd have to point out the hypocrisy but, for my mentally-deranged nutbar readers, there's some hypocrisy there. See if you can figure out what it is.


Lindsay Stewart said...

cripes, those folks are dim. it really is a wonder they can get their shorts on without contusions or serious injury. i've heard america described as the great experiment. beginning to think the experiment failed and what's left is a toxic puddle of compressed stupid. zombie wall now!

jj said...

Oh for gawd's sake. These people are imbeciles!

Here's some of the exact text of Bush 41's speech to schoolkids:

“Let me know how you’re doing. Write me a letter — and I’m serious about this one — write me a letter about ways you can help us achieve our goals. I think you know the address.”

"Ways you can help us achieve our goals" -- I don't recall any Democrat parents shrieking that this was indoctrination of their kids into right-wing politics.

I am starting to think psa is right about that wall.

sooey said...

Well sure, but that's because Democrats knew the speech would make those stupid little Republican kids smarter so that when they grew up, they'd vote Democrat.