Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We get letters.

Received by your humble correspondent, not that long ago, from an ex-Blogging Tory whose anonymity shall be respected as he or she requested:

Don't know if you saw this: http://torydrroy.blogspot.com/2009/08/suggestion-for-pmo.html

I respectfully request anonymity for sending this to you, but suffice it to say that this is a perfect example of why I am an ex-blogger. I in no way want to be associated with people with this kind of judgment. Blogging has basically become the primary forum for the stupidest, shittiest commentators of every partisan and ideological stripe, and it blows my mind that none of these bloggers - Liberal, Tory, whatever - seem to have the slightest clue they are giant fucking idiots that nobody with any real clout in the party would ever listen to in a million years.


Sort of a good point, but I will take issue with the wide-sweeping generalization above. I don't believe most of the [Ll]iberal/progressive Canadian bloggers think those higher up the food chain in Canadian politics take their blogging seriously. In fact, I believe that most of those bloggers, while they support their respective parties, see their role as holding feet to the fire, and slapping someone upside the head when it's warranted, and acting in a serious watchdog role. In short, to support one's party of choice, but not adoringly or unabashedly.

Canada's yapping Blogging Tories ... well, that's another matter, as those idiots honestly think anyone in the Stephen Harper Reform Party of Canada gives a fuck what they think. Does anyone seriously believe that anyone in the PMO gets up in the morning thinking, "Hmmmmm ... I wonder what the Blogging Tories think of our current strategy?" Yeah, those folks really agonize over the daily opinions of Jabba the Roy, Hunter, Dodo, JoJo, Sandy Crux and the rest of the semi-literate buffoons who know just enough to use the shift key at the appropriate times when pounding out their latest insipid, racist screeds.

The Blogging Tories have one purpose in the Canadian political landscape -- to act as useful idiots and regurgitate every illogical, inane, racist talking point that's fed to them by their hero, Stephen Harper. They are faithful conduits. That's their job, and they do it terrifically well. But they really should disabuse themselves of the notion that anyone with the self-awareness of a colostomy bag has even the slightest interest in their opinions. There is no one in a position of power musing, "Hey, let's see what Dr. Roy wrote today, it might be useful in our upcoming campaign." Or, "Has anyone checked in on 'Hunter' lately, she always writes something worth reading." Good luck with that.

I can see where my anonymous correspondent is coming from, but the generalization was a bit unfair. Yes, there's some massive self-delusion out there but, for the most part, it's coming from the other side of the aisle. Unless Stephen Harper's trusted advisers really do care about how much "Neo Conservative" enjoys the violent deaths of Toronto's minorities, but I'm thinking that's kind of unlikely.

I've been wrong before, though.


Lindsay Stewart said...

I think some level of blind, partisan hero worship exists on both sides of the ideological fence. The primary difference would be that the right is populated by howler monkeys, nitwits and maniacs. But the abject refusal to brook criticism occurs among our sort as well. Prog blogs is no doubt over flowing with tales of how Iggy is the superior choice, a statesman, a man of the people, a Canadian full of Canadian Canadianishness with just a dash of leaderific super dupery to boot.

I suppose the greatest point of diversion would be that the blogging moderators are convinced and until favour turns on their star, they are true believers. Whereas on the left, there is a tendency to line up with noses held. Neither approach is very attractive. But rest assured, there will be some conduit action to observe in the weeks to come from the tube heads in our ranks and they'll be just as snippy as can be if the one true path forward is questioned.

As for how we are perceived and what we believe, I know I have gone through site meter stats and patted myself on the back when my posts are being read by the folks I either skewer or praise. It is a natural tendency to imagine that we matter, that our thoughts have an impact beyond the clatter of the keys and I've seen more than a few of the better leftward sites posting screen caps from the visitor lists. And who knows, maybe the poobahs are at least keeping an eye on the various blogs, hell, we've ticked over a million hits. That's a lot of eyeballs reading the vile screeds and vulgar protestations we're known for. If my job depended on public opinion, I'd be watching the blogs too.

As for Dr roy, I think he's lobbying for the position of house fluffer. And just.... eeewwww.

Dr.Dawg said...

"Dr. Roy's Thoughts"--yet another oxymoron.

As for that last comment, Lindsay, my brain now feels like Lady MacBeth's hand. Thank, you, and I shall be sure to return the favour someday.

Hugh MacIntyre said...

If Blogging Tories matters so little why do you spend so much time and energy talking about them?

Lindsay Stewart said...

um hugh, i don't. i don't visit their agg more than a few times in a year and i generally don't write about them. don't let that stop you from huffing though.