Friday, September 04, 2009

Was it something we said?

Shorter SUZANNE, Our Lady of the Perpetual False Equivalence: "It's my blog! Mine, mine, MINE!111!1!!1!!"

Also. That’s quite the intolerant, not-Catholic, elementary-school-level kicking and screaming hissy fit of a screed, darlings -- no doubt written with her pro-life Friday Jeeziz panties in just the bunchiest of bunches.


Ti-Guy said...

That loony only interests me when she's up to commandment-breaking dishonesty (which I document extensively and send off to her bishop to argue for her ex-communication). Otherwise, it's pointless paying attention to her.

Dr.Dawg said...

Gawd, she's a pathetic hypocrite. Her article deliberately misses the point.

Of course she can pick and choose, rip and tear, do anything she wants with her blog. But she can't then turn around and argue that "the Left" are the ones who censor, distort and suppress.

She does all of those things herself, and today she's arguing for her right to do it, which was never in question, but is rather amusing when you think about it. So much for the moral high ground.

CC said...

Curiously, after years of having a wide-open, unmoderated comments section here at CC HQ, I recently added a minimal amount of moderation exclusively on older posts to discourage a sudden influx of spammers, at which point I was instantly accused of censorship by ... well, you can probably guess.

The hypocrisy of these people is almost indescribable.

KEvron said...

"The hypocrisy of these people is almost indescribable."

oh, there is a word for it: conservative.


Scanner said...

I just posted this as a comment on her blog. Hope it will make her head explode

Dame Janus said...

Don't be holding your breath that she'll allow that vid to be posted, Scanner.

Damn, but it almost made my head 'splode! "They're all exactly the same but they're different?" LOL!