Monday, September 14, 2009

They're "socialists" until you need them.

For someone who keeps whinging on about the evil of them there socialists, Stephen the Large seems awfully eager these days to lube up for Jack Layton:

Tories planning move that may avoid fall election

The Conservatives are about to make a move that may fend off a fall election, CTV News has learned.

The government is planning to introduce changes to the employment insurance program Monday -- changes that may appeal to the NDP and give the Tories enough votes to survive a non-confidence motion.

When asked to comment on this sudden willingness to co-operate with Canada's left-wing party, Blogging Tory co-founder and Manning Centre for Building Democracy Senior Fellow Stephen Taylor responded, "Fuck off, OK? Just fuck off. And get off my lawn."


Zorpheous said...

Hey CC, Dodo who could also be a Coo-Coo bird too just did a triple gainer from the high board in the empty end of the wading pool.

CC said...

Dodo is, easily, one of the stupidest human beings God ever made as a hideous joke. She makes "Hunter" look positively cerebral.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the secret peace treaty between the Nazis (Harper with his evilness) and Soviets (Layton with his Stalin-like moustache).

Meanwhile the British (Iggy) pretends nothing is happening and the French (Gilles) rails against their enemy but can do nothing.