Wednesday, September 02, 2009

That outrage seems a little misplaced, dude.

Blogging Tory "Christian Conservative" is awash in outrage over the senseless waste of taxpayer money:

Iggy: The $300 Million Dollar Man

So Iggy is gonna do it, and pull the trigger on yet ANOTHER election here in Canada, the FOURTH election in just five years. At a cost of NO LESS than $300,000,000 to the Canadian taxpayer... that's right, THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

$300 million dollars, just so the Liberals can MAYBE install Iggy as Prime Minister? I can think of a lot of better things we could spend that money on.

Mercifully, commenter Ted Betts makes a basic observation:

So now you care about $300 million?

Where was the concern about $300 million back when Harper broke his own promise to hold elections only on fixed dates?

To which I'm guessing ChCon's reaction was, "Um ... I don't see your point."

BONUS DUMBTH: The dumbassitude purely spills over at ChCon's place, as he defends that last election:

Ted, last year, Parliament HAD ground to a halt, so I could understand the need for an election... clear the air, and let the people decide.

Really? Parliament had "ground to a halt?" Would that be because of all that Conservative legislation that had been ruthlessly voted down? Oh, wait ... that never happened.

I'm not sure I'm going to hear a stupider defense of last fall's election, but these are the Blogging Tories we're talking about. They should never be misunderestimated.

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thwap said...

Parliament became "disfunctional" because fat stephen said it had.

End of story for un-thinking blogging tories.