Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sometimes, it's worth waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Like many of his BT sandbox playmates, Hugh MacIntrye is all, "Oh, man, can you believe that Elections Canada doesn't want to take the Conservative Party's money, blar har har har, what retards!!!!"

Mercifully, for those of us with functioning brain stems, the truth will eventually out:

In a seemingly bizarre political lawsuit, Stephen Harper's Conservatives are taking Elections Canada to court to force the electoral watchdog to accept a $591,000 cheque from the federal party.

But the latest court battle between the governing Tories and Elections Canada may not be as self-defeating, or altruistic, as it first appears.

If successful, the cash-flush Conservatives would both increase their election campaign spending limit and ensure their poorer Liberal opponents have to refund a similar -- if not larger -- six-figure sum.

A Tory win in the case could also reduce the amount by which the party exceeded its 2006 campaign spending limit -- should the party lose another court case with Elections Canada over the so-called "in and out" ad-buying practice.

This has been a public service announcement for those of you who are not intellectual eight-year-olds.

Thank you.

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Hugh MacIntyre said...

If the rules say that they have to give back the money, then they should have to give back the money. The fact that Elections Canada's rule bending is benefiting the Liberals is an even worse story.