Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Raphael Alexander" and his boxes.

Oh, look ... the blogger who lies about his name being "Raphael Alexander" takes time off from distinguishing between real Canadians and pseudo-Canadians (you know, the ones with the funny names, Canadian passports notwithstanding) to explain the difference between the real Left and the pseudo-Left.

Pop by tomorrow when we here at CC HQ will educate you on the subtle differences between the real Canadian, right-wing, white supremacist, Christian fundamentalist Reform Party and, well, I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.


Lindsay Stewart said...

Let me guess ('cos I ain't visiting his tripe), the pseudo-left is the one that calls him on his bigotry, lies and anti-democratic willingness to see the rule of law abandoned because he, in his self righteous assumption of wisdom, has decided that some folk deserve more rights than others.

The pseudo-left bridles against his haughty presumption to act as judge, jury and executioner regardless of proper charges not being filed, the illegitimacy of detention, the actual legal status of the not exactly accused and the utter failure of the kidnapping nation to provide for habeas rights. The pseudo-left has the silly and antique notion that laws apply to all citizens regardless of last name, that accused should have unfettered access to evidence and a fair and speedy trial. The pseudo-left decries the use of torture and wants our governments to honour the treaties and compacts to which we are signatory.

The real left would be the one that pats him on the back and says he's a clever laddie and so much nicer than some of the vociferous right wingers. Because look, he doesn't swear and he tries awfully hard to sound brighter than he is.

I think that's about right, no?

deBeauxOs said...

For a second there I wondered why "Raphael Alexander" was blogging about his boxers and why anyone would be interested in RA's shortcomings.