Friday, September 04, 2009

Must. Read.

And this is why everyone should be reading "Impolitical."

P.S. If I can't wait to see how Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen "Mr. Democracy" Taylor twists himself into knots defending this government's fundamentally anti-democratic behaviour, does that make me a bad person?


sooey said...

Another name for an election is stimulus spending.

Lindsay Stewart said...

I agree with a great deal of what impolitical writes but I can't get past the Liberals right-or-wrong partisanship. I can't recall a time when we had such a dismal government but what's worse is that I can't recall having such an equally dismal opposition. My suspicion is that if we go to the polls we'll end up with a Harper majority for no better reason than the Cons skill with the smear.

With all of the Con's malfeasance, abuse of power and erosion of good government, the Liberals are still an ill led pack of douche nozzles floundering in the mire of their own failure of vision. The Greens are essentially finished at this point and the NDP are a bad joke with happy Jack the grinning idiot at the helm. Perhaps we'd be incrementally better off under a weak minority with Iggy but it wouldn't be much of an increment and we'd be a damn sight worse off if the stupid Libs piss off the electorate enough to return a Harper majority.

Harper is basically correct when he says that the Libs are playing games. He should know, it is what he's been doing for five years now. We need better options than we have and I'm not convinced we won't end up with a Harper majority and that is a game I really don't want us to be playing until 2014.

jj said...

psa nails it.

I do not have high hopes for the next election. Liberal and NDP partisans still haven't learned how to play nicely together and are already taking shots at each other. *eyeroll*

To me this is a pretty clear indication that the progressive side of the political equation will cannibalize itself and melt down while Harper sails into a majority for no other reason than being the devil the electorate knows.

People seem to forget that he got within spitting distance of a majority last time, and the only thing that really made him feel threatened was the prospect of a progressive coalition.