Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kate McMillan: Lying douchebag.

Back here, I was prepared to bet my left nad that, sight unseen, Queen of the Canadian Idiot-sphere Kate McMillan was being her typical dishonest trampy self. This is a bet you were wise not to call me on since, well, that's exactly what was happening.

One doesn't even need to follow the link to notice the dishonest trampiness in Kate's lead-in, as she opens with a reference to those poor, oppressed Canadian marriage commissioners -- you know, the ones who, even though they're licensed by the government to perform a particular civil ceremony, love to shriek about how their precious right to religious freedom is being violated by being forced to marry those filthy, disgusting faggots.

Mercifully, even the dumbest of the dumb seem to have the requisite brain cells to understand what's happening here, and agree that, when it comes to performing same-sex marriages, those commissioners have an obligation to either do their job or -- what's the best way to put this -- fuck right off and find another line of work. So Kate's setting the stage by using the example of the whiny-ass, titty-baby marriage commissioners has already presented us with one level of dishonest, Kate-inspired bogus crapitude.

The real dishonest bogus crapitude comes when one finally follows that link to end up here:

When the state attacks the church

and begins to read, only to learn very quickly that that title is total horseshit, since Mr. Lilley's article involves nothing more than two parties who have simply filed grievances with a Human Rights Tribunal. As best as one can tell, the HRT has issued absolutely no ruling in either case, which means that there has been no "attack" of any form.

One is certainly free to argue whether either of those cases have any merit (one does, one doesn't), but just because someone has filed a case with the HRT in no way constitutes a state "attack" on religion, which makes the Examiner's Brian Lilley a lying sack of turds, and Kate McMillan similarly turdish for aiding and abetting his dishonesty.

Why, yes, I was right, wasn't I? Aren't you glad you didn't take that bet?

Betting on Kate McMillan's dishonest douchebaggery: The safest bet on the planet.


Southern Quebec said...

SUZY ALL CAPS is all over this one. OMG!!!!! They are coming to get us!!! Religious freedom....blah, blah, blah...

what a shreaker

Lindsay Stewart said...

I'm all for religious freedom. The freedom to have their every record seized and assets frozen until the child abusers and enablers of pedophiles are behind bars. I support the freedom of religious institutions to be stripped of their special tax exempt status when they break the covenants of that status by involving themselves in the political sphere.

I support the freedom of those religions to pay their full share of taxes at every level, municipal, regional, provincial and federal. And I'm in support of the Ontario "Separate" School Board being defunded by the province. An organization that teaches superstitious nonsense and uses students as political pawns deserves no coin of the public purse. And yes, everyone is entitled to believe in the invisible creatures of their choice, no matter how ridiculous.

Lindsay Stewart said...

CC what's up with the use of "trampy"? We neither know and nor does it matter what goes on betwixt the nethers of lowest common denominatrix. That's just a cheap and unworthy shot that could be read as misogyny. You can do better.

sooey said...

No kidding. Grow up, penis breath.

Marriage commissioners should go the way of the dodo bird anyway and performing marriage services relegated to meaningless institutions, like churches. We lend marriage too much credibility. It's a completely outdated bit of nonsense.

jj said...

"Marriage commissioners should go the way of the dodo bird"

Marriage should go the way of the dodo bird. What a scam!

CC said...

Mea culpa, you're right, that crack was uncalled for. There's enough out there to legitimately tar that racist wingnut and lying hack without having to embellish.

sooey said...

You could accuse her of being on her period, pencil neck.