Saturday, September 05, 2009

The irony, it kills: Part deux.

Blogging Tory "Alberta Ardvark" attempts thoughtful punditry and proceeds to knee himself in the groin:

Seriously, this guy [Ignatieff] wants to be our Prime Minister and he is willing to spend 300 million of our tax dollars to do so.

Yeah, what kind of narcissistic, fucking douchebag would pull that kind of politically self-serving shit at taxpayer expense?

Sudden awareness of embarrassing oneself in public in three ... two ... one ...


Anonymous said...

Sorry CC. You'll be disappointed on the second part.

They'll be all over themselves about how it's okay to unilaterally ignore your law on fixed elections if you're a Conservative, but if Parliament expresses no confidence it is wasting tax dollars.

The Harperjugend is good at twisting logical knots.

Ti-Guy said...

I see he's engaged the reversing engines and went to comment moderation after two non-fellatory comments. Cunter warned him and he panicked.

crf said...

We just do away with the unwarranted excesses of democracy, and let minority Harper lose as many confidence votes as he wants before he calls the election. If we keep having them, at huge expense, pretty some those more democratically-efficient countries, like China or Cuba will be cleaning Canada's economic clock.

Ardvark said...

Actually TiGuy, you were deleted for saying that all Albertans hate Canada. Spin is one thing but blanket purposely inflammatory statements get toasted.

I might as well put up the same challenge here that I posted and got deleted 7 times at Far and Wide.

Can anyone justify Ignatieff's comments that he made in the video I posted? So far no takers, but don't worry because it will get easier when the real campaign starts.

MgS said...


How's about justifying Harper calling an election last fall - ignoring his own fixed election dates law; or proroguing parliament because it got too hot for him to handle?

It isn't Ignatieff that's a power hungry despot - it's Harper.

Jon Pertwee said...

Ardvark just wants to show off his video skills. Im guessing he has the video talent similar to Don Muntean.

Ardvark said...

MgS, I will give it a go.

First off no laws were broken and that would be clear if you read the law rather than making stuff up.BTW some idiot took it to court and lost so yes the election was legal.

Why did he call it. The optics at the time were that nothing was getting done. Committees in disarray, think Mulroney, and the constant threats of election from the Liberals. I said optics because in reality plenty was getting done and more bills were passed than during the equivalent time under Lib majority. So PM Harper tried to use the optics to his advantage as any politician would do and called an election.

On prorogation, Ignatieff said it best: "If the proposed coalition of opposition parties had come to power last year it would have deeply and enduringly divided Canadians." and it allowed Ignatieff to succeed in his bloodless coup of the LPC. I am really surprised the MI hasn't just come right out and thanked Harper for proroguing parliament.

Your turn: Why has Ignatieff on numerous occasions claimed to be an American? Bonus marks for trying to spin his support for G.W.Bush and "targeted assassinations".

Somhow I expect more of the same, which so far has been avoidance or silence.

Mike said...

You realize committees were in disarray because of the Conservatives, right aardvark? They were following their PMO dirty tricks manual like Don Martin reported last year...

Ardvark said...

That is why the ethics committee spent all of that time and effort on Mulroney; the conservatives forced them to do so did with their magic book.

Nobody was innocent.

Ok,your turn.