Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm just sayin'.

Has anyone else noticed that the people who are currently screeching about the fascist, Nazi powers of Canada's Human Rights Commission and how the CHRC is crushing the right to unfettered free speech are the same folks who start howling relentlessly about the evils of "anti-Semitism" at the slightest provocation and how something should by God be done about that kind of bigotry because no one should have to listen to that kind of ugly swill?

Has anyone else noticed that? I've noticed that. Have you noticed that?


thwap said...

Yes, I've noticed that.

bocanut said...

Where have you noticed that?

thwap said...

rabble.ca, enmasse.ca, dawg's blog, ... sda, ... commenters at my blog, etc., etc., ... McMaster University, ... Hamilton Ontario.