Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fox News' Glenn Beck: Stupid or dishonest?

You make the call.

, you'll never guess who's an unabashed fan of Glenn's, and spends hours a day cruising Ebay, hoping for a good deal on his used underwear. Go ahead. Guess. You'll never guess.

That site has to be a parody. No one could physically be that retarded and still be able to operate a keyboard.


Greg said...

I have to choose?

Frank Frink said...

I don't think Beck is stupid. Possibly insane. Definitely dishonest.

sooey said...

I like not knowing who he is.

Omigawd: "ablog"!

Ti-Guy said...

Completely dishonest. Hell, I could be a Glenn Beck if anyone were willting to pay me for it. But I wouldn't be able to stomach all of my "fans" for too long.

crf said...

Two years ago, he used to be merely quite right wing, but not totally loony, like he is today. It's strange how TV hosts can get caught in a rut, and then just grind ever deeper. See a similar effect in the case of Lou Dobbs.

KEvron said...



Luna said...

He's bugfuck nuts. He's not a good enough actor to cry the way he did on his show a while back. He's clearly too stupid to keep his story straight: "He's a racist! The president is a racist!... *less than two minutes pass* I'm not saying the president is a racist."

The guy is certifiable. Literally.

wv: fastrove

Metro said...

"You can make a lot of money bloviating the way I do."
~"Loofah" Bill O'Reilly

They're dishonest amoral twats, every one of them. The problem is that as conservatism becomes more and more irrelevant, they have to replace more and more deserting listeners. So they pander to the whackjob demographic.

That said--"mainstream" Conservatism itself is, these days, more of a pathology than a point of view.