Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The cognitive dissonance might be uncomfortable.

Stephen the Corpulent has an excellent idea:

Tories set to unveil get-tough legislation on white collar crime

The Harper Conservatives are expected to table legislation today that would automatically send white-collar fraudsters to jail and make it harder for them to get released.

And speaking of white-collar crime, I know just where to find some. No, no, don't thank me -- exposing Conservative fraud and criminal behaviour is what I live for.

AFTERSNARK: It's moderately amusing to watch people with such flagrant contempt for the law (international and otherwise) and such dismissive hatred for Canada's judiciary constantly screeching about how they're going to get tough on lawbreakers. Really, it is to laugh.


sooey said...

What a stupid waste of tax dollars.

Southern Quebec said...

If they are "tough on crime" why does Dr.Roy have a picture of Connie Black on his website with the caption, "I support Lord Black". Little contradictory, non?

Stimpson said...

SQ, I think they're only opposed to white-collar crime committed by people who aren't famous and heroes to right-wingers. The former Lord Tubby of Crossharbour gets a pass, cuz he's a *great* guy in their eyes.

sooey said...

Get real. Their tough on crime b.s. - white collar or not - is stupid, expensive, and pointless - their usual pandering to an ignorant clump of grassroots supporters.

Metro said...

Wonder what the penalty is for breaking fixed-election-date laws?