Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Attention Federal Political Parties

What pogge said!

Fat Steve, forget the frigging senate, how about reforming the house of commons to actually represent the people. Sure you'll likely be out of 24 Sussex but then fuck you anyway, you duplicitous, fundie Reform hack. And you Iggy, you onanistic, patrician douche nozzle, well fuck you too. You dumb pricks want to call elections whenever you think you might see a glimmer of power and prestige available, well we the people, we want good government, regardless of who is in charge. Proportional representation now! Please.

I'm hereby casting a vote of non-confidence in our government. Not just the Cons, the whole wretched lot of 'em. I'm tired of the empty platitudes of elected fibbers pretending to the nation's best interest whilst busily licking the hinds of the pollution industrial complex, profiteers and lobbyists. I'm sick of liars in suits maneuvering for their own gain against the common interests of the voters. Stop pretending it is in our interest to sell off public assets, Canadian industries and resource control to offshore conglomerates. Stop whittling away our rights and freedoms, stop handing over our information and security to the insane bastards that live next door.

I demand concrete plans to curb pollution, greenhouse and otherwise. I demand that we stop pouring money and energy into the toxic nightmare of the tar sands until such time as a program to mitigate the colossal damage can be proven effective. I demand research and development funds be redirected into the alternative energy sector, with special attention to geothermal technologies. I demand that Canadian airwaves and bandwidth remain Canadian, no matter how large the promised kickbacks and future considerations might be. I further demand that our privacy be protected from both government and industry, our email and web usage should be every bit as secure as our snail mail and telephone conversations. Net neutrality now and always.

In the instance of little things like the Nortel sale, should a minister or member of this government find him or herself rejoining the private sector, they should be permanently barred from employment with, consultation for or positions on the board of such companies as purchase large Canadian interests while they were in office. Post facto graft is not acceptable. And where ever possible, Canadian firms and entrepreneurs should have preference of purchase in any and all dealings that have the potential to affect areas vital to the public and to national sovereignty and security. Why yes, that is protectionism. If we can't rely on our elected representatives to protect our interests and assets, well what fucking good are they?


Ti-Guy said...

Reforms for PR have been attempted in two provinces and the only thing that appears to have been determined is that a too large proportion of the electorate is too indifferent/insensate/distracted/stupid to understand the issue or grasp its significance.

I remember just how the various news agencies aligned themselves the last time to promote the status quo in Ontario. Until we can change that, nothing's going to happen.

Harold said...

I fully agree with all the points you made, especially reforming the house of commons. I always vote, but choose to vote for any party other than the top three, since there is no difference between Steve & Iggy (both egomaniacs), the Libs & Cons are bought out by the same people, and the NDP has no clue about reality. What a shame when there is no real choice of parties that could be elected in Canada.

gururoo said...

Representative government which doesn't represent your betters..? "On what planet do you spend most of your time?"

Lindsay Stewart said...

gururoo, um, what the hell are you chattering about?

Dame Janus said...

Gururoo apparently thinks we have something called "betters."

Somebody wanna disabuse him?

Excellent rant, Lindsay.

that_chris_guy said...

"Excellent rant, Lindsay."

I second that