Friday, September 23, 2022


Rather than explain from scratch this current shriek-saturated bloviating from Canada's right-wing fascist white nationalist, neo-Nazi segment, I will first send you here as a warmup. When you finish, come on back and we'll put that in context.

La dee da ...

So what's my point? Simple. The current rage farm sweeping Canada's conservatives is not even remotely grassroots or spontaneous; rather, it is carefully provoked, and is initiated with the public announcement that something is, well, shocking, or appalling, or disgaceful, or ... you get the idea.

What we are seeing is a significant portion of Canadians who are so simple that they need to be told when to be angry. None of this is spontaneous -- this is a very carefully choreographed program of rage generation using the appropriate adjectives to trigger the right people.

If you think I'm kidding, let's put this to the test. Consider that recent news "event" involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a piano bar. Consider further if the headline had read, say, "In London for Queen's funeral, PM Justin Trudeau joins other Canadians at hotel piano bar for singalong."

Now, if that's all that it said, almost everyone would have thought, "Yeah, OK, whatever, what's the big deal?" Instead, without exception, Canada's inter-related right-wing rage badgers immediately started slapping on adjectives, "DISGRACEFUL!!!! SHOCKING!!! APPALLING!!! PM Justin Trudeau joins other Canadians at hotel piano bar for singalong!!!"

It doesn't even matter if most of the words are identical -- what matters is that the accompanying adjective is the signal for people to be immediately and publicly angry. Livid. Outraged. Appalled. Besides themselves with apoplexy.

Quite simply, we are talking about people who are so intellectually limited that they need to be ordered to be shocked and outraged on demand. Which they do, right on cue. It doesn't matter the innocuousness of the event -- slap an adjective or two on the description, and it's now pretty much a dog whistle for the appropriate people to feign completely contrived outrage as if this is, you know, something meaningful.

And now that you know, you'll never read the news again the same way, will you?

P.S. If someone could feed Garnett Genuis through a woodchipper, that'd be great, thanks.


Del Esau said...

I am outraged.
Woodchippers need to be treated with more respect.
They are not meant to process piles of shit.

Anonymous said...

Conservatism appeals to the simple-minded.
Their leaders count on stupidity.

Yes, "outrage" machines do work with the primitive.

Garnett Genuis palls around with the extreme-right, anti-LGBTQ, and abuses his powers (his office produce certain video. To the Cons, that is normal.

Scheer is a failed insurance coffee-boy, fake Canadian, and abused public trust.

Skippy? He marched for the overthrow of the duly elected Gov. with the white nationalists...

None of the so-called Cons had any issues with that. The Press? Mostly silent.

Then comes manufactured outrage and they all copy/paste stories. Of course the rubes swallow this outrage, and some may even get radicalised. Hate is easy after all. The Cons rinse-repeat...

Anonymous said...

My gast has never been so flabbered (or my flabber has never been so gasted).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he gets death threats 24/7.