Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Yes, Jen Gerson is as vacuous as you'd heard.

This would be "journalist" Jen Gerson, mocking (*checks notes*) a doctor for wearing a mask (*checks notes again*) inside a doctor's office:

 Inside a doctor's office. You know, where sick people go. To see a doctor.


Anonymous said...

This also exposes how much of right wing beliefs are based solely on image and appearance and optics rather than facts and logic. Yet they love to claim they are the “facts don’t care about your feelings” crowd…but they sure spend all their days crying over what they think things look and/or feel like rather than facts and evidence.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't "Jen" mention the topic was about masks, and the doc is proving they are not cruelty nor causing hardship, by wearing a mask?

The main hardship is having some phony whining about wearing a mask. Maybe she should call the barbaric practices snitch line and report millions of people wearing masks. Indoors. In Canada.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jen Garson whining about mask wearing - you know, part of the strategy to prevent the spreading of COVID.