Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The relentless dishonesty.

As another short and savage evisceration of one Patrick Ross' misrepresentation of his recent bloody beatdown in a Court of Queens Bench courtroom in Grande Prairie, AB, Patrick gleefully suggests that the judge was, in some way, so annoyed with Peter Skinner that he (the judge) ordered Skinner to put a sock in it:

And is that really what happened? Of course not. There are exactly two occurrences during that hearing that might be relevant. Here's the first:

As you can see, the judge does indeed stop Skinner from speaking, but only because he clearly wants to give Patrick enough rope to hang himself thoroughly.

The second occurrence is toward the end of the hearing (judge erroneously refers to Peter Skinner as "Mr. Peters"):

The above is the judge, so clearly unimpressed with Patrick's presentation that he tells Skinner that he does not even need to present a rebuttal.

In short, and to no one's surprise, Patrick is lying about what happened. In the first instance, the judge silenced Peter Skinner simply because he wanted to let Patrick continue to embarrass himself. In the second instance, Patrick's submission was so clearly meritless that the judge made it clear Peter did not even have to respond.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the infamous emoticons of a loser who thinks he has won an argument...
Why are all Conservatives such mental midgets?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you'll love this.

RossOwesDay said...

That Schneider guy in Saskatchewan still isn't quite as dumb and deluded as Lloydminster's Patrick "Twatsy" Ross.

Anonymous said...

RossOwesDay: This is similar to Patrick's predicament lol.

If you read that CanLii doc in full, you will see alot of similarities between Patrick Ross and this "Freeman Of The Land" or whatever he thinks of himself. (Except that the "Freeman" got caught with drugs whereas Patrick has not.)

......but the rest of it? A glimpse of the future.