Sunday, September 25, 2022

Pretty sure they would never find the body.

And in the ongoing series of "I'm 24 years old, a single mother of 6 with a Ph.D in theoretical astrophysics and the CEO of a multi-billion dollar embedded Linux company specializing in deep-sea robotics who spends her spare time running an animal shelter in Bora Bora and being a Victoria's Secret model and I think Trudeau Must Go," here's Captain "Pure Blood Sperm" Alberta, bragging about his participation in Ottawa's trucker occupation:

Here's a thought, Cap'n Sperm ... come on back to Ottawa for a visit. Really, pop on out here, and drop into any of the bars on Elgin Street or in the Byward Market that were hammered financially by your convoy, and belly up to the bar and announce to all how you were here in February, doing your part to support all those truckers and Nazis and white nationalists to the extent of actually chauffeuring fuel to them every day, but make sure you mention that it was just because you wanted to support everyone else's "freedom."

Let us know how that turns out. And where to send your remains.


Anonymous said...

Since that occupation lasted only three weeks in February, what has Cap'n Sperm been doing all these seven months in Ottawa? Does he have a family back in Alberta? If he does, how is he supporting them? How can he afford to just be hanging out in Ottawa "protesting" in Ottawa? Doing electrician work? If he's from Alberta, is he even licensed to do that? And even if he has no family in Alberta, what's happening with his house or apartment? Where is he living while he's here? And how much is that costing him?

This story is full of holes.

Anonymous said...

Likely one of those Alberta patriots who want to join the USA.

Anonymous said...

Self-describing yourself as a 'patriot' is a huge red flag that says: this person is a shithead.

Purple library guy said...

It's impressive the way these people can call themselves "patriots" even as they agitate to destroy our system of government and/or break up our country.