Thursday, September 15, 2022

Russian asset, you say? No shit.

Hello ... what's this?

And who are we talking about? Oh, look:

Gosh, some of those Russian assets look familiar:

Ah, well, go read the whole thing. Da svedanya!

P.S. If you're bored, well, there's this.


Anonymous said...

The day Russia invaded Ukraine in February, I tried to find some information online regarding it. One of the first results was an essay about how the Ukranian army was full of neo-nazis, written shortly before the invasion started.
The comments section was full of messages about how Canada should not support Ukraine because we cannot be supporting neo-nazis at all.
I thought it was really weird at the time. I didn't realize until later that Russia had obviously been planning the invasion for quite a while and had already been laying the propaganda groundwork online to try and prevent Western allies from supporting Ukraine.
Not shocking to see Ezra listed as a tool of Russian propaganda. After all, he just goes where the evil is.

Anonymous said...

One problem with right-wingers is that they incessant use of talking points and bullshit make any debate impossible.

The histrionics of children...

Brian Busby said...

Anon @1:14 PM, I note that Jeffrey Liffredo, Rebel News's "Chief New York Investigative Producer," was previously employed by RT.

I wonder how Ezra found him, and how many other New York Investigative Producers he has.