Sunday, September 18, 2022

Holy fuck, the burning stupid.

I can't even ...

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Anonymous said...

"Would you wear a MAGA hat if a store you walked into said that's their policy?"

Well, I don't know (m)any stores that have a policy that requires people wear dunce caps to get in, but I guess there's always a first for everything. Hell, even the Cult of Trump rallies don't have such a policy! There just happen to be a lot of people who attend them that want to advertise how perpetually stupid they are.

"MAGA hats and loose surgical masks have about the same effectiveness against Covid."

I mean, that might technically be true. You wear a MAGA hat, chances are pretty good that less people want to be around you, thereby lessening your chances of getting Covid.

Alternatively, one could wear the MAGA hat over their face. I imagine that would provide decent coverage from getting Covid, with the added benefit of hiding your ugly mug. I guess there's the down side of running into things all the time, but since those who wear the MAGA hats are blind to a lot of things around them, there probably wouldn't be any noticable difference.