Monday, September 26, 2022

Um, no.

Just ... no.

Because the Freedom Convoy was temporary, but fuck around and find out should be forever.


Anonymous said...

I'm hearing a lot of bleating from COVIOTS and KlownKonvoyers who want to be accepted.
Fuck them.
They wanted to overthrow the elected Gov and be plague rats and now want "forgiveness".

And that is a real issue with the alt-right and Canadian conservatives. They push radical and bat-shit ideas, they really don't care about others.
Look at Skippy: how can someone to stupid and inept be elected to direct a party?
Look at the damage he's done in the past to Canada - from election fraud to over racism...

Then, these nutter nuggets ask for a mulligan to start over.

The right likes to chip away until they get what they want, no matter how backwards. Look at pro-choice rights in the USA.

So "no", we should not normalize any of their claptrap.
We should never tolerate the intolerant - EVER.

Del Esau said...

I don't know if "shitheads are our neighbors too" is a great political slogan.

Del Esau said...

And of course in Saskatchewan this is our most popular slogan.