Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Apparently, TUPOC has finally POCed off.

As of 1:56 a.m. this morning, little evidence remained of William Komer's merry band of grifters and Pierre Poilievre campaign staffers other than those two lonely banners:


That is the emptiest I've seen the St. Brigid's parking lot since Griftapalooza rolled into town and tried to occupy a church with hot dogs and water cannons.


Coolxenu said...

Seems like Komer is a multitasking scammer.


MgS said...

I doubt they're "gone" per se, although if the hearing yesterday was any indication, the writing is on the wall - it's not like any of Komer's defences were being accepted by the the judge.

I suppose it's a question of whether or not Komer and his inner circle are willing to go full David Koresh or not.

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! They are evicted! I guess the judge made up her mnd faster than expected.

"BREAKING: I have received the reasons of Gomery J in the #TUPOC eviction hearing.

The United People of Canada are evicted and ordered to pay costs to the landlord..."


Now, are they gone in fact, or does the bailiff have work to do?

Val J

Anonymous said...

Writs of possession now in the hands of the sheriff.


Meanwhile, people are yelling at each other in the parking lot.


Val J