Thursday, September 29, 2022


  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson makes a fortune lecturing pansy-ass incels on the importance of being real men.
  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson cries pathetically on air because Olivia Wilde made fun of him.
AFTERSNARK: Best-selling author who spends 341 days a year on air being interviewed by every worthless, right-wing media outlet around will now whine about being marginalized:

Seriously, that's what he's whining about. I'm not joking.


Anonymous said...

Clean your room lobster boys!

It is rather telling who gives the farcical Peterson airtime.

thwap said...

Truth be told, he's crying for the poor incels. (Who are a hateful bunch of entitled white boys really.)

And he's saying that he is advocating for the oppressed millions of poor incels and that he is being silenced so that THEY won't have a voice.

It's still all a bunch of crap.

Purple library guy said...

Those poor marginalized white male celebrities. Or did he mean, those poor marginalized white male academics? Well. Terribly oppressed groups, in any case.