Saturday, September 10, 2022

RECAP: Brian Lilley and Anthony Furey are going to get someone killed.

Dear Brian and Tony: This is the sort of madness your relentless anti-science, anti-doctor pogrom is capable of:

So, yes ... some deranged loon is going to take your rhetoric seriously one of these days, with tragic consequences. You know ... like this.

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MgS said...

A little additional context for readers regarding Boston Childrens:

This has been the result of Boston Childrens Hospital running a clinic that treats transgender - surprise - children and youth.

Several social media accounts have been running a campaign attacking that clinic by accusing them of being “groomers”, “pedophiles”, etc. These accounts have been deliberately misrepresenting anything to do with transgender people - including research studies, etc. So-called “Gender Critical” (anti-transgender) have been trying to whip up a moral panic over transgender people for years, and the “conservative” (fascist) right has picked up on it - using transgender issues as a political football in a manner not dissimilar from how 1930s Germany’s Nazis used Jewish people.

These accounts are engaging in Stochastic Terrorism, and the same tactics are being used here to foment a moral panic - and with it violence against the target group. Clear examples showed up in the policy resolutions document for the 2022 UCP in Alberta (*shocker, huh?*), where numerous policy resolutions are clearly aimed at going after minorities have been flagged ( see posts from TheBreakdownAB on Twitter).