Thursday, September 08, 2022

Sheila Gunn Reid: Yup, I called it. Again

It was three days ago that I mocked the pattern of Canada's right-wing media first lying relentlessly to their readers, then subsequently polling those readers to get exactly the answers they wanted based on their readers having believed those lies in the first place.

The money shot from that piece:

But this is what we are dealing with these days -- "media outlets" that lie relentlessly month after month, then publish idiotic surveys based on people finally accepting those lies.

As if to prove how good I am at predictions, Canada's most dishonest journalist, Sheila Gunn Reid, the very next day tweeted:

That would be Sheila, having lied about the "Freedom Convoy" for months, now gloating about how the public mindlessly accepted her lies.

You couldn't provide a better example of what I was talking about if you tried.

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