Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Dear Christina Bobb: About that attorney-client privilege ...

In the first two minutes of this YouTube video from one of my regular reads, "Meidas Touch," Ben Meiselas makes a fascinating point. It's common knowledge that lawyers for Donald Trump are heading for the doors, there's nothing particularly novel about that.

What is interesting is how some of these whackjobs are now publicly claiming that not only do they no longer work for Trump, why, they've never worked for him and what gave anyone the impression that they ever had?

Obvious lies aside, what Meiselas points out is that if they've publicly disavowed any legal connection with Donald Trump, then any communications they had with Trump at any time are most emphatically not protected by attorney-client privilege, and it makes one wonder if any of these intellectual defectives realize the consequences of their new position, but these people are definitely not the sharpest sandwiches in the picnic basket so one can always crack open the popcorn and watch this play out.

Phone records, anyone?


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how quickly Trump corrupts people: "you'll be famous but first there's a little thing I'd like you to do." He truly is a reputation wraith.

Coolxenu said...

Turmp, in suing the DoJ in civil court and demanding relief must now prove that he commited the crimes he is facing in the DoJ's criminal case against him WRT the seized docs from Mar-a-lardo.