Saturday, September 24, 2022

BREAKING! TUPOC finally POCed off.

All quiet on the wingnut front this morning, as the parking lot at St. Brigid's as vacant as Brian Lilley's moral compass:

What's left are those tacky TUPOC banners still hanging outside the front door so if you're bored and in the neighbourhood and you need some rags for that occasional motorcycle repair, well, you didn't hear it from me.

Oh, wait, you did.


Anonymous said...

Last night on a counter protester's live feed, after TUPOC left, the owner said he would have the banners taken down today. The counter protesters asked if they could watch, so there will probably be video.

There are contractors on site today

One of the Rectory Artists came up with a nice new logo:

Val J

Anonymous said...

The banners are down - video

Someone tweeted that Nugs got one and the other is for James Bowie.

Val J