Monday, September 26, 2022


In Canada, the Left has:

By contrast, the Right has:

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Trudeau's being tried in the US?! Damn lamestream media will never report this.

Anonymous said...

I had no clue who "Jamie Sale" was before this post...

What a complete moron.

Freedom lover was the first hint from her Twitter account.
The second was her not being able to capitalize "edmonton alberta can"

The steady diet of misinformation and alt-right propaganda on her Twitter feed was just a natural continuation from there...

Coolxenu said...

Come on now... they took a meme and replaced Turmp with our Prime Minister.

This is the best they can do. Too bad it works on so many Canadian voters.

Purple library guy said...

In Canada, the Left has Jagmeet Singh, and I've never seen him wear a skirt (or all black).
The centre-right has Freeland, who is certainly a very intelligent person who I'd rather see as Prime Minister than any plausible leader of the Conservative party. But "Left" she ain't; if anything, that "Rhodes Scholar" item is particularly well deserved . . . as imperialist as she is, I'm sure Cecil Rhodes would approve of her heartily.