Monday, September 26, 2022


Man who literally hand-delivered coffee and pastries to "Freedom Convoy" participants who berated, harassed and threatened women during "Freedom Convoy" occupation in February will now be absolutely outraged by (*checks notes*) the berating, harassing and threatening of women.

OK, then.


Anonymous said...

Well, he's right, of course. And while one would think a man with such deep feelings about the sanctity of family would have spoken out earlier to his followers about their deep, misogynistic, hateful mockery of Margaret Trudeau, or their lurid and unfounded speculation about the state of the Trudeau marriage, one must still agree with him in this instance.

However, he did choose to put her front and centre in his string of little Mormon-Churchy PSAs this summer, and to artfully mention her Venezuelan background (what, racist? ME?) at every opportunity.

MgS said...

The irony is that his policies can still be firmly aligned with the racists, regardless of his wife's ethnicity.

There's a number of evil bastards that play the "I'm not a bigot, some of my best friends are ..." card on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

So... PP met with Jeremy Diagolon, with a famous photo of them shaking hands circulating around. He was called out for acting so chummy with a white supremacist and he didn't reply at all.
Then he finds out a white supremacist said something mean about his wife, and now he's all "ooh, what horrible people".
Typical conservative. They only realize how shitty their policies are when someone THEY care about gets hurt by them.
Maybe if he'd called out Mackenzie after his first interaction this wouldn't have an air of desperation about it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Skippy fomented that kind of hate towards anyone who does not think like him, but plays the offended virgin when there is blowback towards him.

Jeremy Mackenzie is the far-right, and the #CPC have encouraged them. It normally be offended by the hypocrisy of the right, but they have no shame or self-awareness.

Now we have Skippy using his family to try and score political points.
Those making rape threats are his base.

“Leave my family alone.”
-- Skippy
As for Anaida Poilievre her Twitter account shows that she is as vile as Skippy and is quite active politically. Her incoherent rants are a testimonial to this.

Skippy was quite content at all the hate directed towards the Liberals and NDP and his faux-outrage is amusing now.

Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

Only leaves us to assess if Poilievre et al are asses. Think we know the answer.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:29 AM

I mean, in his statement, he did say that his office referred the comments to the RCMP (and) to asses. Given the number of asses/assholes in his party (including himself)...

Anonymous said...

PP looks like the most hen pecked husband ever. Anaida Peron is the boss there.