Wednesday, September 28, 2022


"Freedom Convoy": "I took a leave of absence from my job in Red Deer and, without my employer's permission, took one of his big rigs, blew a pile of money dressing it up with Canadian flags and 'FUCK TRUDEAU' banners, spent thousands of dollars driving across a prairie winter and Northern Ontario eating in shitty restaurants to hook up with a bunch of Nazis and racists in Ottawa where I spent three weeks sleeping in my truck in February and getting parking tickets and pissing into a bottle, and the cops finally came and seized my truck, and my boss found out and fired me, and my wife left me and took the kids and now I'm wondering how to get home and who's going to hire me now that my trucker's license was revoked and my insurance was suspended, and I'm still due in court later this year and might end up with a criminal record but ... FREEDOM!!!"

Me: "I spent 14 minutes yesterday getting a free booster at a Shoppers Drug Mart down the street. But, hey, good luck with your life choices." 

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. I have a former coworker who was a really nice guy. Immigrated from Ireland. Has five kids. Spent every weekend of Spring 2022 protesting downtown in his hometown in B.C.
I wish I had as much spare cash and time as all these freedumb protesters seem to have. It's like watching an episode of Friends, if all the characters weren't just white, but racist, paranoid, and living in a truck instead of New York city.