Sunday, September 18, 2022


Canadian right-wingers (including that disgusting trailer trash wife of Pierre Poilievre): "After incredible digging, we found a small number of occasions where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen in the same photograph as someone we think was a pedophile, or something!"

You: "Um, here's your current Republican hero, Ron DeSantis, getting chummy with a guy who directly and explicitly asked for a presidential pardon for sex trafficking of minors."

Canadian right-wingers: "Yeah, well ... blackface!"


Brian Busby said...

I do like to remind our Conservative friends that high school teacher Phillip Nolan, the drummer for Stephen Harper's vanity band, was charged with five counts of sexual assault, sexual interference, and sexual exploitation of a minor, and that he served time after pleading guilty to sexual interference.

CC said...


That is clearly not the same thing because SQUIRREL!!

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles are about 1% of the population. So there would on average be 150 at the convoy occupation.
Now you know why the back door of the bouncy castles grooming area led directly to the hot tub abuse area.