Monday, September 26, 2022

It's jab time again.

I just made an appointment for tomorrow for my bivalent COVID-19 booster tomorrow. That will be my fifth -- yes, fifth -- jab since this nightmare started. Curiously, I have yet to come down with COVID-19.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

Right. I had four jabs, masked when shopping/working, got Covid in June. Most people have had Covid, even the fully-vaxxed. While better than nothing, our current vaccines don't stop transmission and don't last very long.

CC said...

Uh ... you do understand the concept of "variants," right?

Anonymous said...

Variants are a separate issue. The mRNA covid vaccines are good for about 6 months, then you need a booster. This is similar to the annual flu vaccine, which also becomes less effective after 2 to 3 months. Both vaccines are still worth getting as they help reduce the severity of the disease.

Anonymous said...

Fully vaxxed 4 times (Astrazeneca x2; Pfizer x2) - still no Covid or blood clots from the AZ or any other side effects. Like CC said, I'm sure that's all just a coincidence.

Hookpunch said...

3:15 today I'm getting the bivalent vax, had covid once though.

thwap said...

Getting shot number 4 on Friday. Had two shots. Got it last January. Sick for 3 weeks. Got 3rd booster as soon as I could. Getting 4th to deal with variants/up immune system/piss-off covid deniers.

I work with groups and take public transit.

Anonymous said...

I've received every round of covid vax that's been offered, including the bivalent a couple of weeks ago. Still no covid. Although I do work from home and mask up with an N95 whenever I have to go to Superstore or Costco.
My wife is vaxxed the same, but she did catch covid last fall. I managed to avoid it despite living in the same house as her.
Contrast with a hockey teammate I ran into a few months ago: no vaccinations, caught covid 5 times, and now has a heart condition in which his heart is only working 40-60% of what it should be. Doctors figure covid got into his heart tissues. He's on meds to try and restore function to his heart, and if it doesn't work, he needs a transplant. Even if he gets a transplant, his life expectancy is only about seven years.
So basically, he's got a 75% chance of being dead in the next 7 years.

Anonymous said...

I got my fourth in August, all Pfizer. The only side effect was after the first shot, my arm was sore for a while the next day.

Lately I've had people who are not anti-vaxxers tell me they don't plan to get another booster because they or a friend had a bad experience with their third or fourth booster.

Is this common? I know some people have more side effects, but how bad does it have to be to put people off getting another?

I wonder if there needs to be more talk about side effects and maybe reassurance that they won't be seriously harmful.

Val J

Anonymous said...

Should be getting my fourth shot within the next week or two. Been waiting to become eligible, since here in Manitoba, you could only get the fourth shot if you were 50 and older, or if you have severe enough health issues.

I got the first shot (Moderna) last August. I had a headache for about 24 hours, and my arm was sore for a few days. I assume the latter was due to not having had any type of shot in over 25 years, and my body going, "wtf mate?"

Shot #2 (Moderna) last September, I was more prepared. Once I felt a headache come on, I took some Tylenol and was good to go soon after. Arm soreness lasted for maybe a day.

Shot #3 (Pfizer) in March, I don't recall any symptoms, and my arm wasn't sore at all.

Through all of that, I haven't gotten Covid once. I only go out when I have to, which admittedly isn't too often, and I still mask up whenever I do.