Sunday, September 18, 2022

When you have to know where all the stupid is coming from.

When someone is this abysmally, spectacularly stupid:


you just can't resist checking where all that stupid originates. And there you go:

Do only morons work for those outlets, or does working for those outlets turn you into a moron? Or does it even matter?


Anonymous said...

Our Charter rights are god-given? Wow, she must be quite the Pierre Trudeau fan!

Anonymous said...

"The Beaverton:
Right-Wingers confident they have finally found the twitter hashtag that gets Trudeau to resign"

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen my oldest brother in two years bc of Trudeau's vaccine mandates.

Unless her brother lives in another country, in which case their mandates come into play as well, the mandates in question are provincial in nature. I don't know where she lives, though I assume Alberta given the show she lists in her profile in that screenshot, but the odds are pretty good that the provincial government that she means are Conservative in nature. Even moreso in Alberta's case.

Not to mention...what mandates are there that are preventing her from seeing him now? Most, if not all provinces (including Manitoba, where I live) have dropped them and have put the onus on businesses to come up with their own restrictions, if any.

Also, pffffft! Since when do laws and mandates ever stop these idiots from doing something. Come on Rach, get your "Menzies" on and do everything in your power to make the po-po sigh in resignation, say "Fine," half-heartedly, and arrest you, so you can own the libs...or whatever that's supposed to accomplish.

I wouldn't doubt the reason that she hasn't seen her brother in two years is that he's not an anti-vaxer like her, and he won't see her because of it. All speculation of course, including whether what she said is even true. I wouldn't put it past these types to make shit up to fulfill their victim complex.

"...I believe our Charter rights are inalienable, God-given freedoms that can't be revoked by our gov..."

Sorry, I'm going to need a citation on God giving these rights that are in a Charter they didn't write. Also, who is this God person anyway?

Do only morons work for those outlets, or does working for those outlets turn you into a moron?

Why not both?

The way I look at it, whether in politics (CPC, GOP) or in media (National Post, Fox), they started out with those that didn't actually believe the swill that they were spewing. Unfortunately, the law of diminishing returns eventually comes into play. No matter how good you are, you end up bringing in the true believers and the perpetually stupid, and they take over. That's why in politics, for example, we now have the likes of Lauren Boebert, MTG, Matt Gaetz, and of course, Donald Trump.

Stu said...

Well, technically The Charter does come from some sort of god. It's right in the first bit:

"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law"

I don't know know which god(s) is Supreme, but I'm not a constitutional scholar. But damn that is kind of terrifying.

( I was in the last public school year in Ontario that said the Lord's Prayer every morning)

Anonymous said...

So is that the new moniker for the alt-right propagandists? "Freelance journalist"...

She is a dangerous extremist with her spreading of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

So nice to be able to blame your STD on the covid-19 vaccine.

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