Thursday, September 15, 2022

What do you call a press conference where you refuse to take questions?

E-mail. You call it e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Ezra is whining about Akin being "radicalized."

Here is the CTV footage without the annoying Rebel News banner

I like that footage so much better than CPAC because it shows all the reporters instead of just the boring politician. The only problem is that more reporters should have been yelling at Skippy.

In other news, Ezzie and Rebel have been threatened with another lawsuit for defamation, by JC Boucher who featured in an article and audio clip on June 9. The offending material is on the website but I won't link directly because libel?

Why would Levant be so upset about a study about Russian disinformation? He's only mentioned on page 5, along with Rupa, Posobiec, etc.

Val J

Anonymous said...

OK, so Boucher just tweeted today:

"2/ as for lawsuits… I am not a fan of using lawfare to curtail freedom of speech… our action is actually a counter suit."

So is it possible Levant whined about being threatened with a lawsuit while failing to mention that maybe possibly he made the first threat?

Rupa also tweeted about needing money to sue Boucher, back in August.

Val J