Thursday, September 01, 2022

Just when you think Lorrie Goldstein has reached rock-bottom ...

Here's the Sun's Lorrie Goldstein, leaping to the defense of prominent female journalists the instant he realizes he can use that to score political points against (*checks notes*) a prominent female politician:


Anonymous said...

That "some jerk" is a product of the hate that conservative propagandist Goldstein has been fomenting.

MgS said...

Yeah - I’ve been seeing that making the rounds on RW Twitter the last couple of days - usually coming from the same yappy idiots that also argue “she had it coming”. “Conservative” Alberta continues to jam the bar ever lower - now they’ve sunk to the level of wife beaters who argue that their partner provoked them into beating them. It’s truly appalling.

We watched as Harper’s party ravaged Canada, shat all over tradition and good policy, attacked citizenship, etc., and not once do I recall seeing Canada’s left and centre-left chasing down Harper or his ministers in public and attacking them verbally or physically.

But somehow, we’re supposed to be okay with Postmedia and Poilievre riling up the goons and whatever happens, well hey - they’re liberals, so they had it coming, right?