Sunday, February 06, 2022

Peter Sloly: "We just don't have the resources to tow some of these trucks." Fuck off.

Apparently, there are two arguments for not towing some of these clearly illegally-parked big rigs:

  1. The city does not have tow trucks sufficiently substantial, or
  2. Private companies that do have such trucks refuse to co-operate.

Let us disembowel both of these arguments.

First, the city clearly either has, or has access to, tow trucks that can handle massive transit buses so, yes, we sure as shit do have the machine power to do this, and if such beasts are owned by the city, then there is no excuse to not be getting this done.

If, on the other hand, the city counts on private firms to do this, and those firms refuse to play ball, then you cancel their contract (with cause), and you make it clear that that cancellation is permanent. And if enough companies want to be assholes about this, by the time you've recouped the money you spent on those contracts, I'm betting you have enough scratch lying around to buy a few rig-capable monsters that can rip the front end off an 18-wheeler if the owner refuses to release the air brakes.

Get your shit together, Ottawa, and make this happen.

Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.


Anonymous said...

"then you cancel their contract (with cause)"
-- cc

Sure, but then how will some get their kickbacks?
[ That seems like a plausible answer given how inept some are. ]

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't doubt that there's a couple of tow truck companies who would do this, but refuse to without assurance of some level of security around them. Given that the Ottawa "police" have all but become the fuckers' bridage's personal security detail/supervisors/errand boys/voyeurs-at-large, I wouldn't blame them for fearing that something would happen to them.