Thursday, February 17, 2022


Fuck-all will happen this weekend in terms of cleaning out the "Freedom Convoy" from downtown Ottawa, but Ottawa cops will hold a press conference to show off the bouncy castle and hot tub they seized.


Anonymous said...

Well, OPS did hand out another round of notices telling people they were breaking the law. Funny how nobody else gets that courtesy. Other perps just get cuffed and stuffed into the back of a cruiser. What makes these truckers so special?

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, they'll be showing off the new bouncy castle(s) and hot tub(s) they'll be providing the Trucknutters of the Fuckers Brigade.

Del Esau said...

Chris Barber has been arrested.
It's a start.

Anonymous said...

If only the protesters had been black and/or Muslims, then the Conservatives would have been asking for public executions and culling.

Del Esau said...

Tamara Lich arrested.
Pig Fucker Pat King next.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Tamara Lich has been arrested

But not to worry, fellow organizer and leading legal theorist Pat King is recommending that anyone arrest or given a ticket in Ottawa can just scribble some Sovereign Citizen gibberish in Latin on the paperwork and everything will be fine!

That would be this Pat King, the noted White nationalist and Wexit proponent who didn't like anti-racists coming to his hometown.

So many of these dipshits are going to be screaming bloody murder in the next two weeks as their commercial licenses get pulled, their insurance gets cancelled and their bank accounts frozen. And those will be the ones lucky enough to avoid jail and/or having their human shields - sorry, I mean children - taken from them and put in foster care.

Somebody pass the popcorn

Anonymous said...

Currently, my favorite thing to do to relax (ha!) is to look at posts that compare and contrast how the cops have dealt with the FluTruxKlan rally in Ottawa vs pretty much any protest that isn't a collection of conservative white men.

Like this:

Del Esau said...

Pig fucker Pat in custody.