Sunday, February 27, 2022

There's delusion, there's dementia, and then there's Andrew Lawton.

It is impossible to put into words the crushing stupidity of Andrew Lawton, so just go read. You will actually feel your IQ dropping by the minute.


Ramirezplayer said...

Wonder how evil Kirk and Spock with the beard are doing in the universe Lawton is 8n.

Anonymous said...

It was a given that the criminals organizing, funding and participating in the attack on Ottawa would claim victory. They are no longer seeking to convince anyone outside their circle; they simply formulate a reality and assert it with ever increasing truckulence. (Sorry, couldn't resist). Their audience is each other, not the rational world; their goal is protecting an increasingly shaky world view from unfair attack by that hostile alternate universe the rest of us refer to as "reality".
What's interesting about this construct is how completely it ignores the fact that every single stated goal the "truckers" articulated upon arrival failed. The mandates are still in place, and expiring as per their original schedule; the Conservative party is now a shattered mess; Trudeau put the boots to two of their favorite (and mutually contradictory) myths (that he was a wimp who wouldn't act, and that he was a brutal dictator who was going to maintain the Emergencies Act forever in his lust for power. Meanwhile the "leaders" who were willing to die before leaving are now whimpering in jail to "just go home".
Fucking idiots.