Friday, February 18, 2022

When will the feds freeze the bank accounts of Rebel News and The Democracy Fund?

If the current strategy is that the Government of Canada freeze bank accounts of anyone clearly providing financial or material support for the "Freedom Convoy" terrorist insurrection and violent occupation, then it would be incomprehensible for this to not include both Ezra Levant's Rebel News and its associated financial clearinghouse, The Democracy Fund, who are both clearly and openly fundraising to supply legal assistance to "truckers," which simply encourages said truckers to prolong their occupation as they assume all their legal issues will be taken care of. (Warning: Read the fine print, idiots.)

In short, if the feds are not, even as we speak, filing to lock down all financial assets of both Der Rebel and TDF for aiding and abetting criminal behaviour, well, why the fuck not?

P.S. Given the brutally obvious fact that an enormous number of convoy donations came from outside of Canada, is this something FINTRAC should be looking into?

P.P.S. We're not done with this issue; much longer piece coming.


MgS said...

I wouldn't be surprised if down the road, The Rebel and TDF get pulled into the legal prosecution of the organizers of this convoy - and not because of their "fight the fines" campaign (or whatever it is).

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to link to your posts on twitter, specifically this one?

CC said...

Sure, it's all out in the open.