Thursday, February 17, 2022


CPC MP Melissa Lanstman, furious at suggestions that she is comfortable with Nazis, racists and white supremacists, rushes to Fox News to make her case.

I am not making this up.


Anonymous said...

Melissa Lanstman can STFU.

Her party of quislings has encourage sedition in Canada.
The Trucker Tantrum , which includes Neo-Nazis, has been encouraged by her ilk.

There should be NO tolerance for the intolerant in Canada - that is what causes division instead of debate.

Conservative Party members, her party, have shown themselves rather comfortable with the fringe element.

And where did Ms. Lanstman go find refuge? On the Laura Ingraham show.

This Laura Ingraham: At the 2016 Republican convention, Ingraham stuck out her right hand in a way that closely resembles a Nazi salute. Her older brother, Curtis Ingraham, publicly accused her of being a nazi-sympathizer, and stated "We grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father who was a Nazi sympathizer. Like father like daughter?! This was the familial soil that gave bloom to my sister's anger.".

Ramirezplayer said...

Hard to take anyone seriously who thinks rocking Elvis' haircut from 1958 is a statement of style.

Anonymous said...

These are the kinds of people who will protest at high schools and get all racist in the faces of teenagers, then act indignant when called out on their racism.

Anonymous said...

The way these babies run to Fox News is embarrassing.