Monday, February 21, 2022

We are all "Briane from Chilliwack."



In other news, Mark reports on the appalling treatment of "Bloofus" and "Klunt" from Quahog.


rev.paperboy said...

this guy is no "Briane from Chilliwack"

"A Conservative senator from Nova Scotia was seen on a video deriding the response of people who live in Ottawa to recent protests, saying he’s sick of their entitlement and “six-figure salaries and 20-hour work weeks.”"

The Godess of Irony laughed so hard she farted.

Anonymous said...

A fairly popular tweeter whose name is almost Erin O'Toole went thru the GriftSpendGod zipfile and did not find any Brianes or Brains or any other combination from an account apparently frozen from before the freezing took place.