Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Canadian right-wingers who are skeptical of Coutts weapons seizure, and insist that this story just smells fishy, and it's awfully convenient, and we really need to dig deeper because, on further inspection, some details of this incident just don't seem to hang together and they absolutely insist that more evidence is needed, are the same people who know that Omar Khadr is guilty because fuck off.


MgS said...

What's "fishy" at Coutts is the local RCMP giving the remaining protestors "hugs and handshakes" as the last of them left yesterday.

I think the RCMP were just a little too buddy-buddy with the protestors, and the practice of "recruiting and assigning" people to rural detachments that are near where they come from maybe needs to change back to what it used to be for a while.

CC said...

MgS: To be fair (, more than one person has suggested that that all happened not at Coutts, but at nearby Milk River. But, yeah, it's creepy nonetheless.

MgS said...

Those communities aren't that far removed from each other. In fact, I think the town of Milk River is where the detachment that oversees Coutts is located.

What I'm referring to was a policy change made several years ago. The rural communities were all complaining that because the RCMP was assigning people basically at random, that they kept getting police officers who "didn't understand the local community". I think this makes it plenty clear that it's not about "understanding the community" so much as knowing "who is who", and not upsetting people by investigating the "pillars of the community" too closely.

*oh yeah - and if you don't live in those communities, don't even so much as do a rolling stop when driving through them ... because you know ... "the law".