Saturday, February 19, 2022

In case you're keeping track ...

  • Erin O'Toole: Fired.
  • Peter Sloly: Resigned.
  • CPC interim leader Candice "Murphy Brownshirt" Bergen: Revealed as a shameless political opportunist.
  • CPC MP Melissa Lantsman: Publicly defends standing with Nazis, white nationalists and swastikas.
  • Andrew Scheer: Exposed as a babbling imbecile, unable to form coherent sentences.
  • CPC MP Leslyn Lewis: Exposed as being as dumb as a bag of rocks.
  • Convoy organizers: Arrested.
  • Numerous very expensive trucks: Impounded, possibly to be auctioned off.
  • "Truckers": Slinking home with their tails between their legs, many to learn of massive fines, numerous criminal charges, possible jail time, and that they've been fired.
  • Justin Trudeau: Still Prime Minister.


Del Esau said...

I hope you don't mind.
I borrowed a screenshot of your list.
I rarely visit my Saskatchewan Facebook page anymore because of the shitheads, some of them relatives.
I do drop in once in a while to smack them with some truth.
This will work better than a big frozen cod.

Anonymous said...

You omitted Pierre Polievre; maintains the proud Conservative tradition of hobnobbing with racists and sucking up to the lowest level of toilet scum in the party

Anonymous said...

Dino if there is a pool for what they will say,
can I get "That is MSM lies" and "Yes they are bad. Proof that we need to replace the MPs with us and our friends" and "We've scheduled you intervention for 1pm tomorrow so we have time to get out of our Sunday best, then lock and load"

lungta said...

I believe the happy 12
4 of which have conspiracy to commit murder charges deserve special mention

Anonymous said...

I take issue with at least one of those. Andrew Scheer was exposed as a babbling imbecile long before this, dating back to his days as the Speaker of the House of Commons. This didn't stop the CPC from making him the party's leader. If anything, it's probably a prerequisite for the job!

Anonymous said...

what is amusing to me was that Tamara Lich appeared in court for her bail hearing wearing a "I Love oil and gas" shirt.

The same shirt that Pierre P., Erin O'Toole and so many other Conservatives seem to wear.

At this point, "I Love Oil and Gas", and all that support them, should be considered criminal enablers.

Foog said...

Everyone needs to gloat less. No way this shit ends well. Absolutely best case scenario is this makes a lot of these yarbos into martyr figures and radicalizes a shit-tonne of friends and neighbours so that when shit goes down again they get bigger numbers and commitment.

Anonymous said...

committed criminal identity fraud? wtf has Patrick done now?