Sunday, February 20, 2022

BREAKING! Rebel News publishes exclusive video of police brutality!

Rebel journalist "on the ground" releases shocking video of mounted constabulary at Wellington and Bank charging the crowd and savagely knocking an elderly woman to the ground:


Fortunately, despite the 86,000 mounted attackers, injuries were minimal.


Anonymous said...

Sheila Gunn Reid is now lecturing her TwitterTwats on the importance of accuracy and honesty. Fascinating stuff. Unfortunately I had to leave a bit early, as I was scheduled to attend Harvey Weinstein's presentation on "the Importance of Chastity".

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they only had 86,000 mounted attackers for the 56,000 trucks and 1,035,927,684 truckers/supporters that Rebel "News" said were all there in downtown Ottawa the past few weeks.