Friday, February 18, 2022

In case I had to remind you ...

... no matter how the occupation of Ottawa ends, Ezra Levant will make money off of it.


Anonymous said...

It was clear from the outset that the "organizers" (by which I mean the talking heads the REAL organizers chose to put forward as the face of the insurgency) had Not A Clue about recording, tracking, and distributing the millions they received, and no plan for any kind of accountability or reporting on how the money was going to be spent. GoFundMe quite appropriately shut down their solicitation for that reason (not as a nefarious act of ideological repression.)
But with millions now pouring in cryptocurrency, there will be no accountability, transparency or reporting at all. We have a multi-million dollar slush fund sitting SOMEWHERE undetermined.
This whole stinking mess needs the deepest and most rigorous forensic audit the Government can conduct. Fortunately, I think the political will to do it exists - the only serious opposition will come from the Polievre/Bergen wing of the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

There's another wing of the Coversative Party? What other wing of the CPC is there besides batshit crazy? Just plain crazy?

Anonymous said...


Here's the thing that most of these #FluTruxKlan don't seem to understand. That bitcoin money has to enter back into the system somehow. And that's where FINTRAC is supposed to come in. If you're regularly getting thousands of dollars deposited into your account bitcoin, reputable financial institutions are required to find out where that money is coming from.
I don't get how come the government hasn't made a bigger deal of this than before. Hopefully this is where their eyes get opened to the whole world of terrorist financing and money laundering that bitcoin has created.