Thursday, February 24, 2022

U.S. People's Convoy: Let the shifting of goalposts begin.

As with the recent, cement-headed "Freedom Convoy" here in Canada, the copycat American "People's Convoy" has already started out by making idiotic demands:

Tune in tomorrow when they demand puppies. And a pony.


MgS said...

Well - at least they haven't started with an MOU demanding the overthrow of the government ... oh wait that came out Jan 6, 2021, didn't it?

Purple library guy said...

I'm actually a lot more sympathetic to demands about the cost of fuel. If there were actual trucker protests about actual trucker issues, like fuel costs and working conditions and pay and hours and training levels, I'd totally support that. I am, for instance, totally against almost untrained truckers having to drive so many hours they're half asleep at the wheel and end up killing whole hockey teams.

It's just, when they want to infect me with deadly diseases, or overthrow democracy, I'm not so stoked. Picky, I know.